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Oil on Stretched Canvas

An expressive painting portraying mother son relationship.



Oil on stretched canvas
24 inch ×30 inches

It is no secret the relationship between my mother and I is not healthy. I depended on her and hoped that she would be or act, looking back now I see was not in her capacity to do. Do I hate her? No but I can remove myself from the destructive grips and focus on healing and building myself for the future.

According to

” A toxic relationship involves disturbing behaviours from a toxic partner, these behaviours are often emotionally damaging to their partner and sometimes physically abusive. It is a dysfunctional relationship and often times difficult to stay in and just as difficult to get out.

On the other hand a healthy relationship involves mutual interest for the care and well being of each other, mutual respect, compassion and seeking the best interests of each other. In short a shared desire for each others happiness.

Some characteristics of a toxic relationship include:
-Emotional abuse

Some of the effects of being in a toxic relationship include:
-Low self esteem
-Drained energy for life and ambition
-self blame
-negative thoughts

At the end of the day if you are in or gotten into a toxic relationship it is up to you and only you to evaluate and decide that your wellbeing is of paramount importance. And seek help and healthy social structures that can help in you transitioning out of.


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